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Applying your child to either NYC Kindergarten or NYC High-School?

Wish you had all the information (and application forms) you needed in one handy place? Check out the book “Getting Into NYC Kindergarten” or “Getting Into NYC High-School”! Because you can’t have true school choice until you know all your choices - and how to get them.

And if you’re wondering just how complicated the application process can be, watch the news report below. Word of our insanity made it all the way to Asia!

To use our exclusive calculator for figuring out the optimal date for your child to take an IQ test for private school or Hunter College Elementary, click here (as of now, no public school Gifted & Talented testing is planned).

To see Alina Adams discussing high-school admissions, the SHSAT, and raising the academic bar for ALL students on Metro Focus, click here.

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