“Getting Into NYC Kindergarten” and “Getting Into NYC High-School” books offer a general overview about applying to public, private, charter, religious and gifted schools.

But parents frequently require guidance for their particular situation, and answers to questions like:

What school would be best for my child? What are our odds for getting in? What can I do to improve our chances? Which schools would best nurture my child’s strengths - and accommodate their weaknesses? Do I qualify for private school financial aid? (You’ll be shocked by how many people are - but don’t know it!) How should I choose between my various school options?

For these kinds of questions, we offer personalized, one-on-one consultations to talk through all of your options and come up with a year-long (or more - I’ve worked with families whose children are as young as 6 months old!), application game-plan for the process. Remember, applying to Kindergarten may take as long as 2 years, especially if you are open to the possibility of moving.

Rates as of 8/1/23: $180 per every 30 minutes. 30 minute and 1 hour ($360) consults are conducted over Zoom. For consults of 90 minutes ($540) or more, we can arrange to meet face to face at a mutually convenient location. If you believe this cost is prohibitive to you, please reach out to discuss. Sliding scale is available based on household income.

Contact: AlinaAdams@gmail.com to set up a mutually convenient day and time. (Read happy customer testimonials, here.)