Alina Adams is a mom of 3 whose children have attended various combinations of public, private, religious, single-sex, co-ed, and gifted New York schools.

She believes there can be no true school choice until ALL parents know ALL their school choices - and the inside secrets of how to get them.

She also believes that this information should be available to all parents, not just those who can afford $30,000 a year for a private consultant, and sets her own book and consulting rates accordingly. Her podcasts, featuring interviews with parents, school administrators, teachers, and other educational experts to help parents decide which school might be best for their child by hearing the experiences of others, are free on YouTube and iTunes.

Alina is the NYT best-selling author of soap-opera tie-ins, figure skating mystery and romance novels. She is a regular contributor to TODAY Show Parenting, Mommy Poppins, Kveller, Red Tricycle, Cafe Mom and

“Getting Into NYC Kindergarten,” released April of 2015, was an Amazon best-seller. “Getting Into NYC High-School” debuted in August of 2016.

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